abril 26, 2011

CUBA: Thriving church requests CSW’s urgent prayer and letters.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide. 26/04/2011
Vibrant church faces permanent confiscation
The Maranatha First Baptist Church was visited by provincial officials from the Ministry of Housing last week and informed in a highly intimidating manner that their buildings would be confiscated on a permanent basis by state authorities. The 1,000-strong church is based in the town of Holguin, in the northeast of the Caribbean island, and has a very active local ministry working with vulnerable members of the community such as the elderly and the disabled. The church has also planted many new congregations through their outreach work in the region, and runs a thriving youth ministry. Despite being registered, the church now faces confiscation threats.
Prior CSW prayer success brings further prayer requests.
Followers of CSW’s work may remember the case of the Yamaniguey Baptist Church in 2005, during which this church was threatened with demolition. After CSW supporters prayed and campaigned the government relented and did not follow through with their threats. The Pastor of the Yamaniguey Baptist Church is now the youth pastor of the Maranatha First Baptist Church in Holguin. In the wake of previous prayer success for Yamaniguey Baptist Church, Maranatha First Baptist Church has now asked for urgent prayer and letters of support from CSW.
Reasons behind the threats
Growing churches often face authority harassment and intimidation as a result of a perceived threat to the total stronghold of the Cuban authorities in every area of life, including religion. CSW suspects that Maranatha First Baptist Church’s harassment is due to a combination of its growth, positive impact on local communities, and relative remoteness in terms of tourism.
CSW remains active in presenting the cases of persecuted pastors, families and churches to relevant international authorities, and engaging in high-level lobbying to promote respect for human rights and particularly religious freedom in Cuba.
Write to support them
In addition to praying for the Church, supporters can send letters and cards to Maranatha First Baptist Church at:
Primera Iglesia Bautista Maranatha
Fomento 298 e/ Martí y Luz Caballero
Ciudad de Holguín,
Holguín 80100
Nota del editor: En el año 2005, cuando comenzaba este Blog conocimos de los intentos del régimen para destruir la Iglesia Bautista de Yamaniguay que años antes había sido demolida ( Foto a la izquierda) . En los primeros post de este Blog aparece información y fotos al respecto. Hoy le es objeto del mismo trato la Iglesia Bautista Maranatha de Holguín, uno de sus líderes es el Pastor que también ministró, en su tiempo, la Iglesia de Yamaniguay. Haciendo CLIC AQUÍ encontrarán información de lo ocurrido en el 2005.

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