julio 28, 2013

Cornered by Castro mobs the Ladies in White and human rights activists within St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cardenas, Cuba.

Castro mobs around Matanzas church.
Prevent exit of the Ladies in White human rights activists and the St. Joseph Church,, in Cardenas, Matanzas. July 28, 2013
Seven Ladies in White and  nine human rights activists have been unable to leave the Catholic Church in the city of Cardenas, because mobs organized by State Security, the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) and Rapid Response Brigades surrounding church.
Directly from St. Joseph Church, the representative of the Ladies in White in the province of Matanzas, Leticia Ramos Herrera , gives the details.
 "What's out there is bigger than every Sunday. It is a huge operation led by Lieutenant Colonel Joaquin. This whole church taken by the outside, "he said. "This will be a slaughter today (...), liable to the Government of the Castro brothers and the State Security everything that might happen, our integrity physics, "the Lady in White.

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