diciembre 22, 2005

Cubans Sing to Christmas.

A large choir of 93 voices from 28 Christian churches opened at Havana Auditorium Amadeo Roldan to the joy of a cheerful audience a nationwide program of international and Cuban Christmas and Gospel songs that will extend till January 9th.
Pax Dei Evangelical Choir is accompanied by the Havana Soloists symphonic orchestra and, for the first time in Cuba, the Christian Orchestra of Brazil. A choral group of 35 girls and boys from six to 14 years old also enrich the presentation of their adult peers, which Brazilian orchestra director Joel Barbosa called "a dream come true.” Cuban television is broadcasting this Sunday on its popular cultural hour "Bravo" the opening concert that was taped at the emblematic Havana Auditorium.
"To be able to carry out this program in such a meaningful and joyful time for Christians just show what we Cubans have trodden along during the past 50 years," Reverend Rhode Gonzalez Zorrilla, President of the Cuban Council of Churches (CCC), "It proves" -she asserted- "that Cuba belongs to all Cubans"
With the support of the Office of Religious Affairs and the Culture Ministry, the choral group Pax Dei has performances slated in the island’s major cities, explained Jose Lopez, Director of the CCC´s Biblical Commission and one of the key organizers of this evangelical event.
The historic Sauto Theater, of the neighboring city of Matanzas, which locals call the Athens of Cuba, was the second house to open its doors on Saturday 17th to Pax Dei and its distinguished symphonic companions. The program, as part of Christmas celebrations, will wind up with a varied concert to celebrate Epiphany on Monday, January 9th, at Mella Theater in Havana, Reverend Lopez indicated.
Brazilian conductor Joel Barbosa, who traveled to Cuba with his 45 musicians -all from Brasilia- said that being able to participate in the evangelical event "has been a unique opportunity.""It´s a great delight to be able to feel the faith and joy of Cubans and to be able to plant together with them another seed of hope," stressed the master symphonic conductor who praised the high quality of the local choir and musicians.
Conducted by Professor Rita Oliva Valdes, Pax Dei´s repertoire includes 24 Christmas carols, among them the first ever composed in Cuba in the early 19th century. Esteban Salas´ "Pues logra ya". Renowned German, Spanish, French, English and Caribbean themes also stand out in the list.Pax Dei opens the performance with the German carol "Oh Christmas Tree!" and closes with George F. Handel’s "Hallelujah!" The choir also sings "Silent Night", of Franz Gruber and Joseph Mohr, and Handel’s "Peace to the World".
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December 19, 2005

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