enero 19, 2009

Fidel Castro needs Jesus Christ.

Interesante Blog y curioso post este que ha aparecido en la Red, el Blog se nombre: prayforcastro.com: Fidel needs Jesus. En el post el autor alarmado por las actitudes asumida en torno a la enfermedad y eventual muerte del dictador hace un llamado a la oración por este. La solicitud de oraciones por el Sátrapa cubano sobre todo después de su enfermedad no es nada nuevo, este Blog se ha hecho eco de más de un llamado. No tomamos partido, no nos dejamos llevar por especulaciones tendenciosas. Aquí les dejo el post que por cierto no lo firma nadie pero que ha producido no pocos comentarios.
De manera que si Fidel necesita de Jesucristo, aquí les dejo los argumentos:
I know this site won't win me any friends in a lot of places, but I really don't care. The Lord told me to put up this site, so I'll just pass along the message He gave me and let the chips fall where they will.
Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has made a lot of enemies in the past five decades and has ruined the lives of millions of people. I don't think there's much debate on these points. But now he's a politically irrelevant old man who will soon have to give an account to God for the damage he has done.
And here is where I part ways with a lot of Castro's critics for the simple fact that I take seriously what the Bible says not only about sin but also about redemption. Maybe you saw these headlines during the last week of January about how various groups in South Florida have been planning parties for when Castro is confirmed dead. I just about vomited when I read this. My heart breaks for you if you or your family or loved ones have suffered because of Fidel Castro's iron grip on his country. I have cheered every time I've read or heard about people escaping dictatorships, whether in Cuba or North Korea or the former Soviet Union or elsewhere. But regardless of who has oppressed whom in whatever part of the world for whatever length of time, God sent His Son to offer freedom, true freedom, for each of us. Real freedom doesn't depend on anything we face or are subjected to in this world. Real freedom is something only Jesus Christ can give us no matter where we are or what we've been through or what we've done.
This is why I am asking people to pray for Fidel Castro to repent to God for his sins and to find salvation and eternal life through Christ before he dies. It doesn't matter what Fidel or any of the rest of us in this world has done--we have all sinned against God and we are all in need of His forgiveness. (Romans 3:23-27) But God has leveled the playing field and offers forgiveness and redemption through His Son to anyone who asks -- even to Fidel Castro, if Castro were to truly repent to God and to ask for His forgiveness. (John 6:37)
I realize that a lot of you who are reading this would be more than happy to see Castro burn in hell. But God doesn't feel the same way. The Bible says that it's not God's will that ANYONE should be lost, no matter who they are. (2 Peter 3:9; Ezekiel 33:11) It's understandable that a lot of people want Fidel to suffer forever because of the things he has done, but that's neither in our power as humans nor is it God's will. God WILL hold Fidel accountable for the things he has done in this world. But God doesn't want any of us to be lost for eternity, no matter what we've done. That's why He offers us grace through Jesus Christ. And that's why I'm asking each of you who believe the Bible to pray for God to draw Fidel Castro to Himself and that Castro would seek forgiveness and would repent to God. If you're not a follower of Jesus Christ, I can't convince you of the truth and relevance of what I'm saying, and if you ARE a follower of Christ, I shouldn't have to.
Feel free to join in the discussion on this site. I'd like to hear from you.
Source: PrayforCastro.
La foto fue tomada en un evento en La Habana, Cuba y circuló por la Red.

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