octubre 04, 2008

Cuba's vice president warmly welcomed in US Harlem Church

Ramón Machado Ventura, highest Cuban visitor since Fidel Castro dictator retired, was greeted by ovations.
José Ramón Machado Ventura
, a 77 year old hard line communist who was named vice president by Raúl Castro, appeared in front of an "adoring crowd" at a Harlem church on Monday.
According to press reports, Machado "was welcomed with three standing ovations" before he was even able to say one word.
I have never understood the unconditional love affair between Afro-American churches and leaders in the US and the racist regime in Cuba.
Can you imagine a member of the Nazi party receiving three standing ovations at a Jewish Synagogue in New York or Miami Beach? It would never happen.
But one of the top members of the regime that keeps Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet in jail for teaching fellow Cubans about Dr. Martin Luther King. The same regime that kept in jail Eusebio Peñalver for 29 years, making him the world's longest-suffering black political prisoner, receives a top member of that regime with three standing ovations.
After he was released from jail, Mr. Peñalver related how his Cuban guards used to tell him: "Nigger. We pulled you down from the trees and cut your tail."
Machado asked the "adoring crowd" to continue to push for the release of the 5 Cuban spies who are presently in jail in the US; but no one had the dignity or courage to ask him when will the Cuban regime free Dr. Biscet who is in jail without ever having committed a crime.
The 5 Cuban spies received a fair trial and they had access to high priced defense lawyers paid by the regime that sent them here to commit a crime.
They have had a chance to appeal to higher courts and their case may even reach the Supreme Court, since Castro doesn't mind spending money in high priced American lawyers when it serves as a tool for his propaganda.
But in Cuba, Dr. Biscet was sent to jail without a trial. The totalitarian dictator ordered him to jail and that was it. And if anyone voices support for him, he will also join Dr. Biscet in jail.
Machado was introduced by "Reverend" Lucius Walkers, one of those parasites that go to Cuba to be wined and danced by the Castro regime, in exchange for being a tool of the Castro brothers' propaganda machine in this country.
Photo: Machado Ventura, with the little flags and assassin’s face.
Source: The Real Cuba

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