diciembre 10, 2013

Support Human Rights Day & Connect Cuba

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Dear Supporters: 

The Connect Cuba website and PSA video have officially launched at www.connectcuba.org and we need you to do something really important! 

Today, December 10th, is International Human Rights Day and we would like everyone to support internet rights by joining Connect Cuba and carrying out the following four simple steps:

2. Sign the global petition to bring open, uncensored internet access to the Cuban people.

3. Donate & shop to support "Internet without Internet" and help us bring the technology necessary to connect Cuban civil society with each other, and the world.

4. Share this message and our campaign site www.connectcuba.org with everyone you know!

Internet access is a basic human right and we need your help to bring this important medium to all of Cuban civil society. The time is now!

Thanks again to everyone who helped launch the global campaign to #ConnectCuba.

Please follow us on Twitter @ConnectCuba or like our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/connectcuba for the most current updates on the campaign.

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