febrero 02, 2007

An overwhelming experience for the Methodist Pastors in Cuba.

Photo: Meeting of Methodist Pastors in Cuba

Havana, Cuba January 2007. - As never experienced before in such a powerful way, the Holy Spirit overwhelmed us with his presence at the Methodist Preaching Institute. This event is part of the training program that the Methodist Church in Cuba holds every year to equip the pastors, this time it took place at Camp Canaan from the 16th through the 19th of January.
The main theme was: “COMING INTO THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD WITH A NEW VISION OF HIS POWER AND MAJESTY”. And it was precisely his power and majesty what characterized the Institute from beginning to end. The Holy Spirit honored the longing of all the ministers of having a challenging encounter with Him and manifested Himself through spiritual songs, tongues, interpretations of tongues, prophecies and spiritual dances.
As some of the testimonials shared during the activity by some of the pastors, they had never seen an outpouring and manifestation of the Holy Spirit like this before. Many of the participants received new vision for their ministry and said their lives will never be the same again. It is our hope and prayer that radical changes are going to take place in most of the local churches as well as in the Cuban Methodist Church in general.
All the ministers accepted Bishop Pereira’s challenge of starting a partial fast and prayer time of 40 days this February the first. They will be asking God’s help and direction to start churches in every town and village of Cuba where there is no church at all. They are extending the invitation to all those who wish to join them during this time of prayer.

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