enero 17, 2007

Cuba and U.S. Decision Making.

With the war on terrorism intensifying, and the fact we will be at war for decades to come, it has never been more important that our nation's students truly understand what is at stake. Unfortunately, you cannot count on our nation's colleges to embolden our students to fight our enemy; instead, they are either teaching students that we are the enemy or that we are not using the right methods to fight terrorism. Indeed, some professors teach their students that we can reason with terrorists by writing them an angry letter, not blowing them to Kingdom Come.
Johns Hopkins University – "Cuba and U.S. Decision Making"
Lefty academics love Fidel Castro and Cuba because it practices a Marxist-Leninist model of government. Many academics give a pass to communism in Cuba, not questioning the practices in Cuba, but questioning why we don't give Cuba the respect they think it deserves. This JHU course questions the U.S. decisions when dealing with Cuba – implying, of course, that we are wrong to condemn communism in that country.
America's Most Dangerous College Courses. By Jason Rantz

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