agosto 07, 2006

The Death of a Monster.

By: Bruce Walker.

The grim reaper is lurking over Fidel Castro, waiting to dispatch him to the smoking section of the eternal hereafter. Let us hope that he does not tarry. Fidel Castro, Emperor of Cuba, has spent the last forty-eight years of his life fomenting terrorism in Latin America, training terrorists to murder Jews, supporting every evil despot in the world, and keeping the people of Cuba - once the most prosperous Hispanic people on Earth - in destitution and hopelessness.

In fact, like all sadistic, amoral and power hungry monsters, Fidel Castro had no ideology other than an insatiable lust for power, a worship of lying and a hatred of Jews, of Christian, of America and of Israel. Fidel Castro, like all the enemies that America, Israel, Jews and Christians face today, do not adhere to any real belief system except Sinisterism, described in my book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie.

Cuba is the only one of seven nations of Earth recognized by the State Department as a sponsor of state terrorism. America is at war with terrorism now. Any American political figures – and the intelligence files of the Cuban intelligence services may well tell us much – who have collaborated with a sponsor of state terrorism should be forced to resign from office and their political party should not be trusted with control of either House of Congress.

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