julio 06, 2006

A Christian pastor is harassed in Guaimaro, Camagüey Province, Cuba.

Por Luís Esteban Espinosa. *
Jul. 3, 2006 – Ciego de Ávila, Cuba

Christian pastor Luis Yoel Barbuena asked by telephone that the Cuban Foundation of Human Rights make an international plea for help because of his being threatened to be thrown out of his small home along with his pregnant wife and his five year old child. All of this is due to his preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and his belonging to the International Apostolic Movement.

Churchman Barbuena added that he finds himself under much harassment, that he does not have any possessions of great value, that he has had no political problems, that his small house was constructed legally on land for which he paid the bank in cash; it is a house with one room, without even a cement floor, without window coverings and a very bad roof.

The pastor concluded saying that he is terrified, since recently two pastors by the names of Midel and Odelkis, friends of his, were expelled from their homes in the municipality of Colombia, in Las Tunas province. He added: "I know that they are the ones who are doing this; maybe someone can do something! Please help me!”

Pastor Luis Yoel Barbuena lives on Calle 70 #18 between 7 and 15 streets, Sandino neighborhood in Guaimaro, Camaguey province. Cuba.

* Cuban independent journalist. Read in Spanish made click in article title.

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