junio 21, 2006

Honor thy Father.

By: Roger Carranza.

Ephesians 6: 2 Honor thy Father and Mother: (which is the first commandment with promise). What is the promise? Long life

Life begins with the union of a man and a woman, our earthly Father and Mother. Our earthly Father figure that most of us come to know as “Daddy” or “Dad” or “Papi,” Apa, Papa, “El Jefe,” or even “Mi Viejo”

I was not privileged to have a wonderful “Daddy”. I did have the privilege of knowing who he was, and for that I am thankful to God. He did accept the Lord in his late age and has now passed to be with Jesus.

But I have bitter memories of my earthly Father because he never taught me how to throw a baseball, he never taught me how to hit a ball, or even teach me the rules of the game. Never took me fishing, as so many Daddies do. And I never had the privilege of even sitting on his lap. Never a kind word and I never heard him say I love you son. Though these memories are not happy ones, they will be with me through my life. And they are not in any way so blessed. I didn’t hate him, I didn’t judge him, and I didn’t hold his drunken state against him. I honored him. Why? You see with out him I wouldn’t even be here. So if you are in my shoes this morning and you dishonor your father for what he is, who he is and what he does, Stop it. Honor him because that’s what God, through his Holy word, instructs us to do!!! Long life is the promise.

You see, the reason I feel the way I do is because in my hometown of Sonora, Texas, my earthly Father was known as the Town Drunk, in financial ruins, and could not provide for the family. Abused my mother, hurt her with bad language, and then expected her to be there for him. And you know my mother always took it. She loved him; He was rarely with my family or me. But…my Heavenly Father was always with me and is always there for me. We were ‘Big Time’ poor. My Father took me out of school at the age of 12 while I was still in the 4th grade. Can you imagine twelve and still in the fourth grade? You see we had to do three years in first grade because when we started school we didn’t know how to speak the English language. There was pre pimer, low first and high first. Then Second grade. So when my grandparents found out I wasn’t in school anymore, they rescued me, put me back in school and clothed me as best they could. They were the ones that bought my first trumpet. Thank God for Grandparents.
As I’ve already stated…my Heavenly Father was always there to see me through, comfort me and support my efforts. It wasn’t always easy for me but the faith that my grandmother instilled in me always sees me through.

What proof do I have that God was there for me?

Even with the rough start, with out a baseball uniform even, I became known as the home run champion of my little league and Pony league baseball team. God gave me the skills and the strength to succeed. I finally graduated from high school at the age of 21. God provided me with perseverance to finish at such a late age. I went into the Army and excelled beyond measure, went to fight in Vietnam, and God protected me and brought me back safe and sound. I was able to retire from the Army and was able to work for the U.S. Postal Service. God has always put the right people in my life to help me. I was able to retire from the Postal Service too, and was able to get my associates degree from TCC. I was on the Deans list for the two years I attended. And I was also able to get my bachelors degree from Southwestern Seminary. My life has not all been a bed of roses but what the Bible says is true!

Your Heavenly father will always be there with you to help you and to receive you with open arms. Just remember that whatever happens that we think is bad, God turns it into good for you, and when we don’t get what we want is because we are not ready to receive it. We always get what we need, but what we want comes with God’s timing and in his own beautiful way. So don’t be dismayed, Psalms 37:4 has a promise too, and it says. DELIGHT YOURSELF IN THE LORD AND HE WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART. And you can take that to the bank.

God and my wife gave me four children. One girl, and three boys, although I’m not perfect, I try to guide my family in the right direction and I thank God that they are all on their own and have children of their own. They have all received the Lord and are all serving God and the community.

Today we are celebrating Father’s Day. Usually the first thing we think of when we hear “father’s day” is “What can I get him”? But from my own experience as a Dad, a material gift is not always what a parent looks for from a child. They want your love and especially your attention on this day that has been set aside to honor fathers. I urge you to go see your father, or if distance prohibits a visit, call him. It will mean a lot to you in years to come. God does not act on your feelings or emotions; He acts on your obedience. You will feel you did your part as the Lord commands it.
You have a heavenly father too, who is there regardless of whether you have your earthly father is in your life or not. He will never leave you nor forsake you. My earthly father may have not been what I would have liked for him to be, but my heavenly Father is always with me. And that is all I need.

Every child wants a Daddy that he or she can look up to and maybe share the day with him and just know he will be there when we need him. For those of you that are not so blessed with a model earthly father, know that there is a heavenly Father that is always there for us, never judges us, knows us by name and even knows how many hairs we have on our head, He created us and He loves us more than anyone can.

Mathew 15:26 states
Regardless of our age, we are always children to both our earthly father and to our Heavenly Father. In God’s eyes we are special, and He loves us so much that he had his only begotten son lay down his life for us. There is no greater love than this John 10:14 says: I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD, AND I KNOW MY SHEEP, AND THOSE THAT ARE MINE KNOW ME. AS THE FATHER KNOWS ME, EVEN SO I KNOW THE FATHER, AND I LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR THE SHEEP

Pray always to the heavenly father and let him know your intimate feeling. He is Omniscient. You see, He feels what you feel; But He wants you to tell him anyway. Most fathers know what their children like and what they want. God also wants you to sit with him and tell him.

Know that your heavenly father will never let you down.

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